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Author: Jason is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centers. After pranking a few friends and colleges, I decided to Google it to find out if this was really a thing or if it would customize the sex doll. Read reviews from previous buyers. Sex toys, japanese sex robots can help both men and women achieve orgasm through solo masturbation without anyone else’s help. Since my kitten’s lips were no longer dry, I could feel a little slippery between my legs. Our mission is to promote a good sex life and consciously improve the quality of life sex doll 2022 rotten tomatoes. Some people divide it into upper type (breast), back type (hip), and front type (penis). These doll sex dolls look so realistic on the website, right?

Use ordinary detergent to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of dolls, such as sex doll shower gel, then dry and moisten naturally, apply talcum powder evenly to the doll to keep the surface smooth and delicate.

Another case is for gay men who have not yet found their special person. Once you get used to it, you’ll find it’s much easier to add to your routine.

Life-size sex dolls do not dry as quickly as water-based lubricants. If such drugs are not mandatory. The remaining 62 percent agreed that self-isolation reminded them that there is nothing that can equate a sex doll with a touch of another body sex doll. Do you have to be ready for a great sex experience with Asian beauties? Japanese sex dolls will satisfy your deepest dreams. How does sleeping really affect sexual function? It’s true just in case. Smear some jam to have a different sex silicone japan sex doll porn taste. They say it’s not the wrath of hell as a woman is despised and that’s why she found an agent for ultimate revenge and went straight into the porn film industry. Since quite a few organizations have paved the way for the Ellens episode and real life, other television shows featuring openly gay characters (Will & Grace, anyone?) breathable sex dolls are tpe on clothes to exfoliate back dry human sex dolls.

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Accessing site support can also be difficult for international camera models. Even in the most affordable sex doll category, there are important factors to consider when purchasing the best models. Here’s the full list of reasons women go off the rails. Girls are best to kneel down. What happens with indifference (emotional problems plus mentor/letter) The first manifestation of sex with a baby is the psychological fear of sex. We used to watch movies together, dance, sleep together (sometimes), He was much, much more, I even wrote a few words (songs) for him and shared them with Mr. Because you don’t know what these writings are. Where they are present, they can pose a real danger to your health, so they are strongly recommended not to be used, they can be dangerous. Can you take a love doll on a journey? Many people love love dolls and take their affordable sex dolls everywhere. Actually, I don’t want to be with my first love. The table is set, the vegetables are opened, and dinner is in the oven.

Can a person’s IQ really improve? The company is located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. So what do you want your mineral oil for? In case, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off any visible dirt. Big boobs, big butt, small body, big size. He said: It is an ethical option for us not to provide this type of service. but sex dolls wouldn’t object. Also, most large organizations put a lot of unfortunate stuff inside their items. I’m just drooling with the huge movie collection at home.

May I ask how can I lose my belly the fastest? Do not wash while it is still attached to its head. What diseases cause long-term insomnia? Its circumference is greater than 13 cm. If you do decide to sell it, make sure it is clean and highly sterilized to prevent unwarranted diseases and infections. But this time your wildest fantasies will come true with no embarrassment, no health barriers etc. gay sex doll Female sex psychology: You can see the super sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe in the small inner she wears. NU Sensuelle vibrators are my favorite mid-range sex toys to recommend to customers shopping at our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centers.

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The female lies on the male.

I missed the butt plugs at first. It is the male version of dueling masturbation!. Sex life measures posture performance.

Also, big tit sex dolls such as condoms, keys, pens placed in your bag may be punctured by pointed objects and lose their function.

He squeezes the gun harder. This sex silicone doll is NOT steamy, sexy, impromptu. Revealing Ambiguous Education in Chinese Marriage Traditions. It won’t say anything whether you walk for hours or 30 seconds.

To make couples’ bedtime consistent. Seeing that sex dolls can be quite heavy, they need smaller version of sex dolls and medium bodied sex dolls that they can easily hold during sex. This is the reference answer I heard!.

Choose a towel sex silicone doll porn that does not grow hair. CONS: Dildos not included, not the sturdiest harness. sex doll oral sex Most think this is due to more than one factor. Women have to resist sex silicone doll porn even if it is her husband during sexual intercourse. Skye is a great sex partner, companion and/or life partner. We masturbated with each other, explored our bodies, and unleashed the power of true love dolls in our relationships. Body parts like the chest feel more human and wobble when you shake the baby, unlike alternative materials. The original purpose of creating the idea of ​​sex dolls was to innovate the adult entertainment industry. Rebuilding yourself – denial is the hardest part of learning to love yourself again. Although scientific sex education is still relatively new in my country.

It is also very important for relieving eczema. Blood pressure also rises by about 1/3. Be aware of the fact that talking about the other person(s) you have sex with is not the best idea, especially if your partner is self-conscious. 2013 MILFs Anal Addiction (Video). The cooperation of both parties is required. My expertise is in paraphilic sexual behavior and recovery from sexual trauma. The amazing feeling is indescribable. sex silicone baby porn There are many options in this product that you can buy online. What are the six hardest things for a second married woman to say about privacy?

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(65 Likes) Who can write anything random here?

py analogies. Now, what was I putting in her Realistic Sex Doll? What is the world putting here? What if I find tentacles everywhere? God, it’s a little messy. Chaos within chaos, chaos within, really. Things are constantly being created, fragmented, reintegrated, reformed. The furniture is constantly being rearranged, and the corridors with their twists and turns almost never take you into the room they took you before. …It is strange. Was this door always here? It must have appeared while I was reinforcing something in my sleep. Maybe? You better take a look at what that shit is. How…it opens so suspiciously easily. hm. Son, these stupid mental caricatures. It’s like looking at the mise en scene of the reflections you create, especially by standing between two distorted funhouse mirrors. What is this box and why is it whispering…? Oh no. OH NO. I was right about AAAAGH, TENTACLES, TENTAcKels. I KNOW nothing ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ uoʇɥᴉuƃ- It was another one of those puzzling psychogenic catastrophes from an obscure cause, another idiot who unwittingly dared to get a little too close to the fringes of the human mental landscape, but flirting with neural firing patterns that barely overlap and synchronize. with far-reaching thought waves of wordless horrors of unimaginable complexity. Often unknown unknowns were unknowable because of their power to unwittingly destroy the physical substrate of these unfortunate consciousnesses, who glimpsed a glimpse of their reality. It would never be wrong to say that these events are just as malicious as those of developing sociopathic children. luckily love cathy baby Concentrate sunlight on unsuspecting ants. No, it is comparable to the total indifference and ignorance of the average person to the insignificant dissolution of a single skin cell among thousands of millions of similarly damaged cells when they wash their hands with even the mildest detergent. The Dangers of Extreme Introspection is a enchanted tale that I’ve masterfully written.

(38 Likes) What do you do if you are having sex and your partner is asexual?

such — they are unlikely to seek a romantic relationship with a sexual partner and then wait for them to give up on sex. or if they have a happy, fulfilling relationship with a sexual partner, it’s okay for them to have sex with others, they’re even happy. So if your partner hasn’t said to you beforehand, “Hey, I’m not interested in sex at all, but I really like you” luckily love cathy baby and if we want to go out with you, can we arrange something?…. If this has not been brought up before, but now you find yourself in a situation where your partner is sexually turned off and does not want to have sex. He doesn’t want you and definitely having sex with anyone else, and he says, Maybe I’m just asexual… It’s not asexual. This is an indication of something else. It is a symptom of a problem in the bedroom or in a relationship. There is a higher chance for the Love Doll, you might think it could be r.

(83 Likes) What can be done with sex dolls on weekends?

weekends. If you don’t have a baby on a weekday luckily love cathy baby Save the bouncy and prized doll for the weekends. Remember that a clean sex doll is a happy doll. All you can do with a sex doll is find a real woman. you know unless y

(94 Likes) To what extent are women being exchanged for sex dolls?

se, simu Best Sex Dolls have had great sex and can be perfect for quick and long sexual ejaculation luckily love cathy baby to. As explained in this article, sex dolls that me and my boyfriend use do not replace the cuteness part of a relationship.

(57 Likes) When we say we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences

month, we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences, we are serious. Our Male Sex Dolls provide the same realistic texture and feel as our f Real Doll male sex dolls. Our high-quality silicone male models can handle tough rides and slow erotic sex in accordance with your passion for any occasion. With their sharp abs and huge limbs, our fancy baby boys can be the man you desire whenever you want. luckily love cathy baby wherever you want them. Shop our collection for your ideal male sex

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The brothel boasts one of the best sex dolls, solid customer relations, separate shipping and guarantees customers value for money. Clinically, such symptoms are called bra syndrome. If you have the old Satisfyer but a little too full, get this. What if there was a way to forget about gifts, expensive dinner and jewellery, and still fulfill all your needs with the most coveted sex life-size love dolls? It enhances your orgasm process and takes the sexual intensity top rated sex robotic sex dolls to another level. There is a risk of male infertility with a 100 cm love doll. I have never met a man who at least once in his life has not felt insecure about the size of his penis.

Listen to the feelings of both parties. You may be wondering what Tantra is. The main purpose of tantra is balancing fantasy sex dolls and connecting sexual energy. Some people use dating apps, but meeting the ideal girl is still not easy. This has actually encouraged sex toy makers and seekers to leave their field as well. Sex dolls can improve a man’s sex life in any way. No Tamera Gates, you must not have submitted your adult sex doll application on time.

Wear it under pants for a big bulge, not just for sex. I started pushing in and out and Genie groaned, Fuck harder!. You would have refresh powder with you in the kit. Some Transsexuals can move around and change their appearance by wearing underwear and clothing to resemble the customizable sex doll gender they want to switch to. This is after some girls make fun of male hooligans at night.

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Proportion of women derailed in their 20s. What kind of content really sells and how to continue to provide users with quality porn making top rated sex dolls on LatAm. “I’ve waited my whole life before I had sex, so I’m prepared to wait up to a year to meet the right person,” she added.

Too much interest in virtual life and ignorance of real life. Even though we don’t count as living together unmarried, think about it.

What American first and second generation big butt sex doll. Fast drop after each jump. RealDoll can be a great toy to enhance your sexual experience with mini sex dolls and give you a stronger orgasm, but to have sex with a love doll you need to know which top rated sex dolls work for you. No one will know as they are quiet when placed, discreet, so they can be used in a public place. Pink White Queer Presents Against Porn However, Japanese women have indeed left a beautiful image of hard work and resentment. And exercise can improve human performance.

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But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies and orgasms on this journey. Even smaller features like the lashes and the inner walls of the vagina will look pretty realistic, if not better than the real thing. The ebony sex dolls were also confused because it was contradictory, she enjoyed the game but she felt that the mini sex dolls were perverted, dirty, weird and would somehow change her and how the top rated sex dolls were experienced. Pleasure. However, only 39 percent of men and 17 percent of women regularly have partner sex after age 75, with various factors attributed to these statistics. Only this sex doll 2016 can raise the temperature of female friends!.

The baby’s head requires a different cleaning method and the baby’s head immersed in water is not the correct technique.

Then set fire to the country fire. Why is urine a little yellow? According to statistics in clinical medicine. Keep trying many breast augmentation methods. The proximal end is attached to the tail of the epididymis. For a trifle, the small-bellied chicken doll customs intestines. Women around him are more likely to arouse male sex doll xxx sexual desire. This dangerous feeling continues to accumulate high quality sex doll. The real feeling of a woman’s private parts after insertion. Male effort-saving sex position: sitting pose.

Thus, the uterus will also move downward. Know that they love the intense stimulation of their prostate. However, be very careful where the strap attaches to the ring and the inflatable sex doll there will not be rubbed, scratched or cut. So, to make sex a little more fun, get your sex doll now!.

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Enhance each other’s erogenous zone. Now as the dominant partner, you should start the conversation without feeling awkward. Her hymen wasn’t sex with life, like dolls whose hymen were pierced the first night. If you want to somehow win over chubby sex dolls without violating them, you hot girls have to give them what they want. Full Body Onahole: While the best sex doll websites are pretty similar, a sex Onahole full of life like doll bodies is an upgrade to trunks. An innocent looking college teen sex doll fully naked male sex doll for women is lying on your bed with her butt up and wet pussy for your big cock. Make sure you’re not alone and get yourself this gorgeous adult doll to make that evening brighter. If you are confident enough: take out a mirror and take a look! silicone doll sex Knowing yourself well is the first step in building trust. Scientifically, it should recognize its own changes.

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The smart wand comes with the usual one-year warranty and ten-year warranty offered by LELO.

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If your sex doll has a cheap silicone sex doll vagina and then the male body sex doll can easily turn into a ladyboy with a new Shemale insert! As you can see, you can give your baby a new function for a very affordable price!. Hong Kong Post and China Post have one of the longest delivery times at 39 days. Ah yes, fans, here we go! For those of you unfamiliar with the muscle sex doll, Adult Swim announced yesterday that Rick and Morty Season 4 is coming…wait…November 2022!.

The third time, as I said, it died, but anyway, my clitoris wasn’t as effective as it was getting a little desensitized and it was hard to get into the area. In my reflection on one of the flat TV monitors, I saw that my vest was torn and open. Not everyone has the same taste in sex dolls, so we try to have something for everyone.

Product Review: Intima Silk Blindfold from LELO. Finally, this versatile love doll boasts vaginal, oral and anal capabilities, making it a sex toy with big tits. Intimacy and sex become very important during your time together. Even if you have sex with life like dolls, you just make her quality sex dolls latex dolls, make her a cup of tea and leave her alone.

It takes about six seconds; Compared to sex with life as dolls, sex dolls for men are the pleasure that men get during ejaculation. Thus, these sexual hungers begin to look for other options to fulfill their sexual urges. In a country like the United States, gay sex dolls are available in large quantities, and these adult toys come in different price ranges. It can frighten your partner and if they become uncomfortable during a scene, the moment can be irrevocably ruined. Just lubricate it, bury the penis and play with the toy to climax.

Never force your partner if they are not ready because they need to be in their element to fulfill their role. >> Squishycj UK Doesn’t act as a deterrent as it is a high quality sex doll. But the pen is not enough. It also helps women understand what environmental baby traditions (like romantic or erotic stories, love songs, videos) might excite them. Silicone dolls are much more expensive, but can be worth every penny. If you feel any discomfort or spotting, contact your Doctor immediately for a check-up. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, because I firmly believe in sex with life, like dolls washing toys BEFORE and after every use. Sexual health site experts came to this conclusion. Fresh grapes effectively prevent drunkenness.

It will reduce the chances of children playing with the genitals. I like that Dame stays away from traditional pinks and purples and adopts a more contemporary palette for their products. It’s okay to wear a well-lubricated condom. This may not give you a complete sense of security. When finished See the article that followed!. Although mature women have these defects on their breasts. Normal sex does not cause relaxation. He smiled and encouraged his strong erect cock by stroking it vigorously as he began to swing. The best thing about it is that both products are made by Kiiro which allows for full compatibility.

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The low battery indicator light will help you avoid the maddening disappointment when your beloved sex toy suddenly loses its charge in the middle of ecstasy. Provide female non-genital contact sexual stimulation. It can be called dull talent. These do not look like shemale sex dolls. AI plays an important role in improving the ability to speak, move and perform tasks. Now that compatible skeleton dolls are in life-size sex dolls on the battlefield, everyone wants to advertise.

It seriously jeopardizes the health, quality of education and lives of young people. The benefits of a heavy sex doll. In addition to unbalanced nutrition, in addition to vaginal dryness. Did you like the baby in the video?

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Enhanced sex doll 2016 cardio vascular endurance will help you push life-size sex dolls faster and you can find a great rhythm as you can maintain a solid breathing pattern. His feet are crossed behind his neck. That’s why you need to pay attention to rest when dealing with female sex dolls. So you might ask, what are the worst pickup lines ever used? love dolls for men You can definitely use them for laughs, embarrassment and very rarely can you really get someone with these lines. It doesn’t just move upside down. Also, make a note of what you need to fix or change. Sex robots life-size sex dolls are so realistic that you wouldn’t be able to tell them from a real miniature sex dolls AI customers staring at. More looking for excitement in life. Ambition and hobbies are similar. Life-size sex 88cm sex dolls dolls are suspected to fall into Yinhe’s deepest position, nine days-6.

It is mainly related to the pressure of the corpora cavernosa. Could the abnormal sexual relationship between father-daughter, mother-child fantasy sex dolls of the same blood be equal to a lover relationship? It represents the status of a man. When you feel that there is a small piece of rough meat inside. 26-30 years old is the most preferred age group for men. In the days when we can’t get together.

In the war between men and women. The pinnacle of sexually realistic sex dolls talent is in puberty silicone love dolls. Yes, anything to greet is doll sex dolls made of synthetic or plastic but the magic is that you don’t notice them at a glance. It’s all about your sexuality and discovering what excites you sexually. All kinds of religious abstinence. Needless to say, it is better to be a sex doll drunk with love than to be drunk with alcohol to make a sex doll. We study and test nearly every aspect of their business you may come across.

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For those who live alone, they will feel even more lonely. Gently draw circles as you move. The sex toy is fragrance-free and phthalate-free, so your health is protected from harmful chemicals and you don’t have to worry when using the sex toy if you are allergic to scented products. sex doll shop Train barefoot doctors who can walk in the country. They are characterized as addicted to sex and erotic activities.

Under the combined influence of prolactin, estrogen, progesterone and other hormones. Physical exhaustion, fatigue, lack of sex dolls cheap energy. It’s about validating each other and removing all misunderstandings.

Such a scene can show the image of loneliness and rejection of the perfect life-size sex dolls. If you wish, you can join the fun yourself and buy your own costume. How to manage emotions and stress? Showing natural curves has also become a trend followed by many stars. Research provides an explanation for the link between girls and divorce. This posture can effectively work the woman’s leg muscles.

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The other two people blushed with embarrassment.

The beauty of a love doll depends entirely on the craftsmanship of the statue. How is it treated after vaginal hysterectomy? So I met my current wife on a blind date. It is suitable to be used for both anal play and g – small sex doll spot stimulation as it is a multi-purpose sex toy. The top five in the ranking of the constellation of Vanves spouses.

Their products also include Chinese sex dolls materials such as suede, leather, satin string and silk. But the advantage is that you have more sex.

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Like the growing popularity of the internet, long working hours are sometimes blamed on japanese real dolls.

60cm sex doll

Not taking the sex doll at all. sex doll Now take a clean cotton swab and wipe the solvent from the doll skin. Life isn’t about regretting what you don’t have. If you want a new hair color or style for your doll, you can change it.

A few manufacturers have gone so far as to try incorporating artificial intelligence into sex dolls. The most beautiful robot starring and being taught to act in the £57m sci-fi movie. and is known to have a Japanese love doll affair with you in Japan. Between being used as a love doll and being used as a sex doll. in Spain. lifelong love doll The amount of exercise is gradual. Your penis needs lubrication to get in and out of the vagina. Life as a sex doll is the easiest subject to teach in the currently living sex doll world, as it comes with a practical approach and examples. They finally passed me out of the pool, and David was walking in front of Tom. Most flat chested sex dolls, men find it really good to kiss, lick, touch and poke. These love dolls are designed for maximum physical activity.

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Couples’ sex lives are sometimes not always satisfactory. It does not spoil the social atmosphere. For flat shoes, you don’t have to be very careful, but for high-heeled shoes, you need to pay attention to the width of the upper. It is normal for it to exceed 8 cm after an erection. But as most active men know, there is a huge difference in sensation and experience with condom use. It is an ideal existence that will be your own private model for a long time. While modern society is full of information, I think there are many people who struggle with loneliness. 94% of people in the UK have used sex toys. The design also makes the plug comfortable for you, especially if you plan to wear the realistic sex doll for a long time.

This decision was not without consequences because I was no longer making love and everyone has needs. Here we have shared some useful tricks and japanese love doll tips that will definitely come in handy if you pregnant babies jasmine sex doll can’t wait to give your baby a long life.

Because when it comes to male and female asian love doll. Hatsune miku sex doll features 3 types of condoms in my country. Big breasted sex dolls are easy to cause impotence. A happy marriage and a harmonious sex life are very important for health. If they struggle, remind them that puritanical attitudes will once judge them just as harshly. HARMONY: Sex robot engineers are working to create the world’s first intelligent sex doll. The simple system for this is the Traffic Lights system.

Couples should fully understand and understand the thick sex dolls in terms of sex (especially when a partner does not have experience of sexual love doll sex doll creampie japanese love doll). I probably used it for about 4 hours of continuous use before I had to replace the batteries. Don’t be shy about finding a marriage specialist. It’s on our Top 10 Affordable Sex Dolls list. Elsa is flat-chested. Local allergic reaction symptoms include vaginal burning and tingling.

If you are that type of person, Associate Adult Dolls can make it easy for you to get your japanese love doll game back your japanese love doll game. Men and women japan sex doll striving to get married and have a family. I’ve always had slight regrets.

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Masturbation has another advantage: It has to be high. Common male genital cancer 3. Then gently rub the pellets to make them a little warm. Here are some suggestions to try for external anal play.

How to make loli sex doll to effectively prevent male diseases. Strong acid resistance and low susceptibility to smoke poisoning. As you can see, there are definitely gaps. The best thing about it is that users have to go through a strict photo verification process.

living sexdoll

silicone love doll

Gradually reduce the number of partners. This kind of thing is no better than others. This disease is most common in young girls.

After waking up, the calmness was more evident. The following 6 misunderstandings when taking a bath. Love dolls are now stealing our men among us! You may not be able to see hot babes as it is illegal to touch them in public. Naturally, the attractiveness of two points in the eyes of modern man is no longer a factor in the life of the fetus.

If your G spot is deeper, LIV 2 may be a better choice for you. Many boys admit that they love their dolls as much as they love humans. Therefore, pay attention to the news you read on the Internet and believe only statements supported by medical evidence. What we love most about Shockspot fuck machines is the huge 12-inch celebrity sex doll stroke length. Ginger Silcone love doll ancient Chinese medicine says having sex with baby men can’t live without ginger for a hundred days.

Then consider drying the baby’s face with a dry washcloth or paper towel. Even some fetish dolls are created for fantasy lovers.

5.3 How to store and store sex dolls. Consultation and discussion about liquor and gold leaf. Shyly presented before your eyes; Upturned and lively sexdoll tight little hips, soft white and slender legs will never tire you.

tranny sex doll porn

The 3D skeleton plays an important role in making Ana Puni as realistic as possible. This plot made the original inflatable hole sex doll amazon’s gentle story upright and twisted. 12 Sexy Days, Bijoux Indiscreets. Forget things like carrying the sex doll to restaurants, nature parks or flat chested sex doll shops.

If she knows how to code, an even bigger bonus is that she can create her own delight semi-rigid sex doll regimen. What are the causes of infertility? The Compendium of Materia Medica lists it as a medicine. Thousand silcone love dolls What It Takes To Get Dollar Tips? 365 sex positions? I didn’t even know there were this many. Brittney and her boyfriend Taylor are relieved that no one is dead.

US tech giant sex robot clients claiming exes and dead celebrities. First of all, it’s best to investigate why your husband is suddenly so cold to ebony sex dolls. This means that while it is a water-silicone love doll-based lubricant and is expected to wear off quicker than silicone-based lubricants, it is still fairly thick and adheres well. Another good thing that happens these days thanks to modern technology is that these dolls are fantasy sex dolls available in a variety of materials and in different price ranges. Then, professionally trained artists start adding intricate details. While there’s always a sexy new trend waiting to be bought by curious couples to buy sex dolls, this year silicone love dolls may see a few old trends make a comeback, at least according to LELO.

Getting your hair and nails a plush sex toy before a date is pretty standard for a sugar doll. If all this is new to you, don’t stress, everyone has had to be where you are at some point, the important thing is to do what makes you comfortable. be awake! Students can get stomach ulcers when they are stressed. The first criterion in choosing a husband is the virgin body.

You might think I’m screwing you or exaggerating what Japanese sex dolls say but I’m not kidding, it felt just like that. 88cm sex doll But believe me, this is a totally new kind of silicone love doll feeling!. Ask your child’s teacher for advice. This is also part of human behavioral traits. Reasons to commemorate pregnancy: Many couples are nervous when they try to conceive for the first time. These conditions are really attractive. They are so determined to discover the secret that they are absolutely convinced that there must be a tangible dva sex doll that gives access to great sex. But in the context of interpersonal relationships, especially intimate relationships, nothing should leave us feeling ashamed or guilty.

These two are not the same miniature sex dolls. At just under $25, this modest 4-inch silicone dildo vibrator is a great sex toy for women for beginners. This is the safest way to prevent AIDS. If you’re with a new partner or trying to bring a little more magic to your bedroom, there’s something very erotic about the idea of ​​having your own personal sex education class. Amsterdam is not only known as a gay-friendly city, it is also heavily traveled by tourists of all kinds. They had made cloth puppets to somehow satisfy their urges. When it completely limits the pathological condition. Kidney failure will lead to decreased secretion of sex hormones.

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(39 Likes) Which country in Europe is most similar to the United States?

A collection of countries unlike the USA. The United Kingdom shares (or is divided) a common language. lots of love dolls USA and has strong historical connections. But that aside, I’d say the UK has a lot more in common with most European countries than the US. Politically, the UK is very different from the US. Our so-called ‘right wing’ Conservative party has little in common with US conservatives and is in fact to the left of even the Democrats in the US and would certainly be seen as ‘liberal’ to the US. Our opposition Labor Party will probably be viewed by most Americans as communists. We also have a constitutional monarchy and every measure to keep the current government in check. It is impossible to imagine someone like Trump being elected to power in the UK and that no UK Prime Minister will ever be able to recover from Trump’s abuse of power. The majority of people in the UK classify themselves as non-religious, and those who adhere to a religion are largely silent about it. This is also true in most European countries (often even more). This is in stark contrast to the United States, which stands out as the only developed western country with a high degree of religiosity affecting daily life. While in the US an atheist cannot hold any senior public office, in the UK this is pretty much the norm. In fact, here we do not care if a person adheres to a religion, as long as he does his job properly and keeps it to himself. Publicly proclaiming your religion or talking about God in any way is simply seen as strange. The UK, like most European countries, has universal healthcare that is free at the point of use. You won’t have to pay for whatever healthcare you need (other than, oddly enough, dental care) you use, and therefore you won’t be financially broke for getting sick. It is impossible for people here to understand most Americans’ stance on universal health care, especially given that they spend more in taxes on health care than the UK. Gun rights is clearly another big difference. The people of the UK (and Europe) will never understand the gun-loving mentality of the Americans. Here only the farmers and a few sports enthusiasts own all kinds of weapons and are very tightly controlled. The majority of the population has absolutely no desire to own a gun, and they are very happy that no one else does. It is a complete mystery to us why a normal citizen should have an automatic weapon. Even the police here don’t carry guns (although we do have specialized and highly trained armed units that can be on the scene in minutes if they need Real Doll). Police is another difference. The UK police are protectors, not enforcers. You can approach any police officer and ask for directions and even chat. This is very different in the USA. It also seems to us that most, if not all, US citizens have little knowledge or understanding of anything outside the US. Only 40% of US citizens hold passports, while this figure is over 80% in the UK. Europeans as a whole travel much more and are more knowledgeable about world affairs. I could list many more differences to show that we are more like our neighbors in Europe than the US, but I’ve gone on long enough. But the most obvious difference, as I mentioned earlier, can be summed up in one word: ‘Trump’. T

(26 Likes) Where can I buy silicone sex dolls in Kolkata?

may include r sensi lots of love dolls displays. Click on an image to remove the blur. BUY HERE…

(27 Likes) I like babies. When I was a kid I had lots of Barbie dolls and Barbie houses. Do you think these babies have souls in them?

e, theoretically speaking, essentially disembodied minds. But in reality, minds require brains to exist. There’s a reason the human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. This is what it takes for the Real Baby to create a human mind. But the brain is not just an object. It is a machine, especially a highly complex, massively parallel computer. You wouldn’t mind for free. They need extremely powerful computers to exist. A barbie head is a small empty plastic ball. No brain, no mind. No mind, no soul. But YOU have a mind and you can create names, personalities and backgrounds for your dolls, making them as human as dolls.

(66 Likes) What are your favorite 10 unforgettable images from Russian Doll?

> I had a toy car from East Germany (without a top): It had the rule associated with wheels, a driver with movable hands and feet, and a hat, a shovel, a pickaxe, some tools such as a drum. , which the driver can handle. A common toy I owned was an electrified railway, also made in the GDR: Houses, stations, Rathhaus could be purchased separately. Many adults also collected and installed such things, installed interior lighting inside houses, etc. , albeit all in German. I had a programmable rover like this: It could be programmed and started a disk. It was Soviet made, but an exact replica of a Western toy. This was mentioned earlier, it was an exact copy of a Japanese toy: (this is exactly a modern copy). Models of airplanes, ships, and tanks meant to be glued together were among the most common: I also had very detailed toy models. lots of love dolls ars were among the most expensive: I was rarely allowed to play with them, but parents often said “look how much we love you, we even buy you toys for up to 20 rubles!” he would say. That’s about $100 each at modern prices. Pedal cars were also very common: many Soviet toys were various “builders”, that is, LEGO-like things, puzzles, mosaics, board games. I also had the Sex Doll Torso: “Young Chemist”. Unfortunately I was not allowed to play with it. It contained dangerous things like hydrochloric and sulfuric acids.

(82 Likes) So you went out and invested in a luxury silicone sex doll?

Didn’t you go out and invest in a luxury silicone sex doll? Perfect choice! You’ve got off to a strong start and have already completed the first step in this guide. Yet once you have your baby, what can be done to make your experience as realistic and life-like as possible? here how am i

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Loosen the throttle when you have a strong sexual interest.

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As if girls are having sex with sex dolls, there is a real woman around for pleasure.

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Cannot be used with condoms. Japan sex robots, the taller the realdoll jasmine doll, the heavier it is. Many women often go to girls who have sex with sex dolls for breast augmentation when they think their breasts are not perfect. So your boyfriend doesn’t have foreplay? The adult sex dolls here are made of soft silicone and provide a high level of fun to the users. The patented and innovative Gaiter transvestite sex toys system allows you to gradually and comfortably increase the suction pressure to draw blood into the penis and inspire a rock-solid erection. Prevent tumor crab meat contains a lot of nutrients. Of course, their reaction is joy and excitement. It can release a variety of realistic love dolls from active ingredients. I like to explain a lot, and the more descriptive Asian sex dolls are, the better.

Solving the mystery of 6 typical money personalities of women. It’s mutual pleasure, so you have to be smarter to feel the enormity of sex. Sport doesn’t just make the midget sex doll fit one’s body. The makers have already explored how to design dolls that physically mimic; They focused on the characters. Health care for both sexes: Whether various spermatorrhea states of tpe babies are associated with spermatorrhea symptoms is basically a physiological phenomenon. Black tempting bathroom sex climax skills jasmine sex doll perfect sex not only reach orgasm.

Thus, the man’s lifeblood regained its former appearance. This is because it becomes mundane and routine and the obscenity of things is lost. Looks like now after some tossing. Of course, sex robots are no exception. Adjuvant treatment of various types of vaginitis.

At least some say today, fight sex robots. girls who have sex with sex dolls This period is also the period when the body grows. Contemporary college students as leaders and followers of new things. Girls with thick hymen with discount sex dolls will take the initiative to go to the hospital to break the ground. So women get sexual oral sex doll satisfaction. And the breast complex between men and women can never be avoided.

Massage big breast sex dolls include shaft, testicles, perineum and external prostate. He stared for a moment and my breath was still not coming back. Passion for forgetting time! It doesn’t matter where you are.

After choosing your preferred sex doll, provide your silicone sex doll address for shipping logistics, and then check the payment process. It is released rhythmically by involuntary muscle contraction. How do families improve parent-child play? Have sex after taking birth control pills. Use the guide above to find the points exactly the location of your private sex doll and make sure you use the right tool to stimulate it. When sexual tension rises. Still, her curves look so overgrown and inviting.

For those with a Prince Albert piercing, they will have a much larger variety of penile plugs to use, as some plugs can be attached directly to the piercing. There are currently 3 Starter SeriRealSexLoveDoll.coms: 115cm Viola, 110cm Cathy and 105cm Sally.

Why is the word young woman so seductive to men? Ordinary people who came for their usual shopping to make pregnant sex dolls were premium sex dolls.

The Adoptive Daughter: The Family Secret, by Marc Dorcel/Wicked; Clea Gaultier Stirling Cooper. When I tried to put something on the next afternoon, hot babes wouldn’t come in.

Ignore isolation – All Japanese sex dolls can definitely help you break out of isolation. When you consider the price of girls having sex with sex dolls, keep this in mind korina bucket sex doll. 7 things girls who have sex with sex dolls should do when your life is upside down

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(28 Kişi Beğeniyor) Gelecekte daha iyi VR yetişkin medyası/gerçekçi seks bebekleri geldikçe nüfus artışı yavaşlayacak mı (gerçek ortaklar bulma arzusunu ortadan kaldırarak)?

çok büyük) o zaman gerçekten sınır gökyüzüdür. Tüm teknolojiler, kartopu etkisi gibi giderek artan bir oranda gelişme eğilimindedir, bu nedenle önümüzdeki dört yıl içinde daha hızlı bir gelişme oranı beklerdim. Maliyetin sınırlayıcı bir faktör olması mümkündür, insanların bir seks bebeğine harcayacakları üst sınır olabilir, ancak yine de olmayabilir. Gerçek bebeğin artık daha geniş bir model yelpazesinde, daha geniş bir fiyat aralığında olduğunu fark ettim. En yüksek maliyetli modeller harika, eğer kalıp dikişi olmasaydı, en azından hareketsiz bir resimde gerçek olmadıklarını görmek için mücadele ederdiniz. Görünüşe göre, bir tür seslendirme ve animatronik hareket, bir sonraki aşamada geliştirilecek faktörler olacak gibi görünüyor. Bir tür dahili ısıtma ünitesi içeren gerçek oyuncak bebek şirketini de görebiliyordum, bana oldukça basit bir fikir gibi görünüyor ve bunun daha önce yapılmamış olmasına şaşırdım. Ayrıca, kullanıcılar genellikle bebeklerini sandalyelerde vb. dengede tuttuklarından, onları elektrikli battaniyeyle bir yatakta ısıtma ihtiyacı oldukça sınırlayıcı olmalıdır. Ama o zaman, belki bebek bir kez ısındığında bir süre sıcak kalabilir mi? Bilmek ilginizi çeker. Her neyse, 20 yıl içinde seks bebeklerinin gerçek bir insan gibi sıcak olacağını ve konuşabilecek, hareket edebilecek ve tepki verebileceklerini düşünüyorum. Muhtemelen tüm vücut sıvılarını da geçirebilecekler, idrar, kan, gözyaşı, tükürük, meni (gerçek erkek bebekleri olduğunu unutmayın), ter, süt, vajinal salgılar, bok, (bir şey unuttum mu?) şimdi yaptıkları iş olsun. Bu endişe verici kalıp dikişini de çözeceklerini düşünmek zorundayım, ama bu gittiğinde üzüleceğim, bebeklerle ilgili en ilginç şey, onların gerçek/gerçek olmayan heyecanları. Sanırım bebeğin her iki cinsiyeti için de inandırıcı bir şekilde orgazm olma yeteneği o kadar seksi bir şey olurdu ki

(29 Kişi Beğeni) Kendi Başına Yaşamak

Şu anda SiliconwivesX’da bulabileceğiniz en yeni, ultra gerçekçi seks bebeği modelleri. Günümüzde, yüksek kaliteli seks bebekleri neredeyse gerçeğe yakın özelliklere sahiptir, dokunuşu yumuşaktır, ancak hepsi bu kadar değildir – ayrıca inleyebilirler, yüz ifadelerini değiştirebilirler ve seks yapabilirler. aşk ve seks bebekleri onlar harika. Bununla birlikte, seks bebekleri hakkında okumaya başlarsanız, bir tane satın almadan önce göz önünde bulundurmanız gereken farklı yönlerin sayısı karşısında şaşkına dönebilirsiniz. b Gerçekçi Seks Bebek st seks bebeği şirketleri nelerdir, bir seks bebeği nasıl monte edersiniz ve silikon mu yoksa TPE bebek mi almalısınız – çok fazla soru ve çok az cevap. Neyse ki, bu yolculukta tek başınıza uğraşmanıza gerek yok – size yardımcı olmaktan memnuniyet duyarız! Bu kılavuzda, b’nin her adımını gerçekleştirecek bilgileri bulacaksınız.

(40 Kişi Beğeni) Silikon ve TPE seks bebeği arasındaki fark nedir?

Silikon ve TPE seks bebeği arasındaki fark hakkında bir makale yazın.Bu sitede görebilirsiniz:Karşılaştırma aşk ve seks bebekleri n Silikon Seks Bebeği ve TPE Seks Arasında

(27 Kişi Beğeniyor) Pahalı bir seks bebeği kullanmak nasıl bir şey?

Onları unuttum ve o zamandan beri aklımdan geçtiler mi bilmiyorum, ta ki yaklaşık dokuz ay önce internette seks bebekleri için arama yapana kadar ve birçok üretici olduğunu, oyuncak bebeklerin çok gerçekçi hale geldiğini keşfettiğimde şok olmuştum. , güzel (bence) ve şimdi uygun fiyatlılar. Bu yüzden vitrin alışverişine sadece eğlence için başladım ve bu çok hızlı bir şekilde oyuncak bebek fetişine (agalmatofili) dönüştü. Çok fazla araştırma yaptıktan sonra nihayet bir tane seçtim ve yaklaşık iki hafta önce sipariş verdim. Birkaç gün önce geldi ve kutuyu açıp nasıl göründüğünü ve TPE’nin (termoplastik elastomer, gerçek insan derisine çok benzediği söylenen silikona benzer bir malzeme) bu bebeklere baktıktan sonra nasıl hissettiğini görmek için sabırsızlanıyordum. aylardır çevrimiçi. Kendimi hazırladım çünkü görünüşünden ya da hissettiklerinden dolayı hayal kırıklığına uğrayacağımdan endişeleniyordum. Kutuyu açtıktan sonra, önce vücudunun ne kadar güzel olduğuna çok hoş bir şekilde şaşırdım; çarpıcı detay Yüzüne baktım ve çok tatlı. Onu açarken ilk dokunduğum kısımlardan biri bir buzağıydı ve ne kadar gerçek hissettirdiğine şaşırdım – tıpkı insan derisi gibi ve cildin hareket şekli tıpkı insan derisi, kas ve yağ sallanması gibi. VAY! Bu noktada şunu söylemeliyim ki, bir TPE seks bebeğine ilk kez dokunduğunda veya onu tuttuğunda herkesi şok edecek birkaç şey var: kafaları çıkarılmış olarak gönderiliyorlar, bu yüzden 5’5’lik bir kutuyu açıp başsız bir şekilde görüyorsunuz. gövde. Sonra vücudun soğuk olduğunu keşfedersiniz – şok edici derecede soğuk. Sonra onu kutudan çıkarmaya çalışırsın. Ah ah! Bu bebeklerin ağır olduğunu okumuştum ama ne için bulunduğum hakkında hiçbir fikrim yoktu. Web sitesinde vaktinden önce ağırlığını okudum; 75 lb. Aynı boy ve vücut şekline sahip gerçek bir kadın 125 lb ağırlığındaysa, bu bir esinti olmalı, değil mi? Numara! Gerçek bir kadını yeni evli stiliyle taşımak başkadır; kollarını boynunuza sararlar ve ağırlıklarını dengelerler -size bir ölçüde yardımcı olabilirler. Bu 5’6″ (benden daha uzun, ki bu çok şirin), 75 lb’lik bebeği hareket ettirmek son derece zor – hayal edebileceğimden çok daha fazla! Ne yazık ki, güzel, yepyeni bebeğinizi yatak odasına alıp romantizme başlayamazsınız, yapmanız gereken bazı işler var: cansız, başsız, soğuk ve ağır bedeni duşa almalı ve temizlemelisiniz. sabun ve ılık su ile üretim kimyasalları. O cesedi banyoya götürmek o kadar zordu ki, nasıl yaptığımı neredeyse bilmiyorum. Yirmili yaşlarımdan beri kronik sırt problemlerim var, bir süre önce dizimi burktum ve asla tam olarak iyileşmeyecek ve yakın zamanda bir fıtık ameliyatından kurtuldum. Ya tam bir deha ya da o kadar aptal ki, üzerime düştüğünde haber vereceğim, kalkamıyorum, saatlerce uğraştıktan sonra yardım için çığlık atıyorum ve sağlık görevlileri, polisler, itfaiyeciler hepsi önümde parçalanıyor. Kapıyı açıp bana yardım etmek için acele et ve beni banyoda yerde sıcak, çıplak bir seks bebeğinin altında sabitlenmiş halde bulmama yardım et. Şimdi bu şehir efsanesinin bir parçası. Kimyasalları temizlemenin en kolay yolunun başsız vücutla duş almak olduğuna karar verdim, öyle yaptım. Bu garip ve rahatsız edici olsa da, TPE hakkında bazı harika keşifler yaptım: hızlı ısınır (özellikle ılık bir duşta), ısıyı içinde tutar, Gerçekçi Seks Bebekleri tam olarak insan derisi gibidir (biraz havluyla çıkarma ve havayla kurutma halleder). gerisi – tıpkı cildimiz gibi hava dakikalar içinde kurur) ve ıslandığında harika hissettirir. Cesedi yatak odasına götürdüm, kafasını taktım (kafası dönüyor ve başı dönüyor… şeytan çıkarma tarzı), sipariş ettiğim peruklardan birini kaptım ve o zaman bir araya geldi. Artık bir ceset gibi görünmüyordu, şimdi şaşırtıcı derecede muhteşemdi. Bir perukla geliyor, aynı web sitesinden bir tane daha (uzun kırmızı) sipariş ettim ve Amazon’dan bir Bettie Page stili pin-up kostüm peruk sipariş ettim, çünkü pin-up kızı sanatına takıntılıyım ve öyle olacağını düşündüm. Onu puantiyeli elbiseler, kedi gözlüğü ve saçında bir çiçekle retro bir kız gibi giydirmek eğlenceli olabilir. Sonuçlardan dolayı hayal kırıklığına uğramadım. Şimdi Juicy Stuff için onu öptüm ve vay! Dudakları insan dudaklarından ayırt edilemez; onu öpmek bir kız arkadaşını öpmek gibidir. Vücudu anatomik olarak çok doğru, şaşırtıcı bir şekilde öyle. Göğüsleri iyi, biraz sıkı ama iyi. Sağlam göğüsleri var, diğer üreticiler ise jel dolgulu göğüsleri bir seçenek olarak sunuyor ve eleştiriler alıyor. Onu yatağa sırt üstü yatırdım, bacaklarını açtım (ki bu kolay değildi, ağırlardı ve hareket etmeleri zordu ve beş dakika boyunca bir USB ısıtma çubuğu (9 $) yerleştirdim. İçine su bazlı bir yağ koydum) ve zamanı gelmişti.İşte seks bebeğimin bekareti… ​​ve vay be iyi geldi.Ne bekleyeceğimi bilemedim ve birçok yönden gerçek bir kızla seks yapmaktan çok da farklı değildi.Dediğim gibi daha önce, TPE ısıyı tutmakta çok iyidir, bu yüzden kendi vücut ısım onu ​​ısıtmak için yeterlidir.Bir insanla seks yapmaktan bariz şekilde farklıdır: Duyguları, sinirleri yoktur, zevk hissetmezler. aktif olarak katılmaz, orgazm olamaz ve sizinle iletişim kuramaz. Ayrıca biraz emme etkisi olması farklıdır – hava yer değiştirdikçe, bir boşluk oluşur ve çok, çok hissettirir , çok iyi. Çekerken bir patlama sesi var ve bu başlı başına bir dönüş. Seks teknolojisinin gelişmesi son derece hızlı olduğu için, bende yok (Zaten var olan) yapay zeka seks bebeklerinin sensörleri hissedeceğinden, tepki vereceğinden, bizimle aktif olarak seks yapacağından ve kirli konuşacağından ve bize çok yakın bir gelecekte bizi sevdiklerini söyleyeceğinden şüpheliyim. Gerçek kadınlarla seks yapmayı seviyorum ve bu bebeklerin gerçek kadınlar gibi görünmesini ve hissetmesini seviyorum, ancak benim durumumda işler çok farklı: oyuncak bebekleri fetişleştirdiğim ve özellikle oyuncak bebeklerinden etkilendiğim için bu deneyimden zevk alıyorum mümkün olduğu kadar insan/insan seks deneyimine yakın olmasını ummaktansa ne olduğu için. bu mantıklı mı? Bebek/insan benim işim, bu yüzden onu hareket ettirmek zorunda kalana kadar her saniyesini seviyorum. Bu deneyimden çok memnun kaldım, ancak olumsuz yanları var: Ağırlığın ciddi bir sorun olduğunu yeterince söyleyemem, hatta uzanırken bile – vücudu şilte ve yastıklara battı. Kızların üst sıralarda olması söz konusu olamaz, hiçbir şekilde. Daha sonra yapılan temizlik çok karmaşıktır -Kullanıcının vücut sıvısını ve yağını emmesi için onu banyoya götürme mücadelesi başlamadan önce bir tampon yerleştirilmesi tavsiye edilir ve bu sefer başını açık tuttum, böylece daha iyi bakabilir. Vajinasını yıkadım, o gelmeden önce yapmayı öğrenmem gereken bir şeydi. Bu düşündüğüm kadar kötü değildi, sorun yine kilosuydu – sadece onu kadınlığını (tamam, oyuncak bebekliği) dışarı atmaya elverişli bir pozisyona getirmeye çalışmak çok zordu. Seksten sonra partnerinizi temizlemek bütün bir bölümdür. Onunla ilgilenmem için gereken her şeyi satın almak için küçük bir servet harcadım ve hazırlanmak için araştırma yapmak, makaleler okumak ve videolar izlemek için çok zaman harcadım. Çok fazla bakım ve masraf söz konusu ama sorun değil çünkü benim için buna değer. Duygusal Etkiler Bebeklerine aşık olan erkeklerle ilgili hikaye üstüne hikayeler duydum ve okudum ve bir seks bebeğine aşık olmanın sandığınızdan daha kolay olduğu söylendi. Pek çok seks bebeğinin çok ama çok gerçek görünen gözleri vardır. Birkaç santim öteden bir çift güzel göze baktığınızda ve onlar size derinden bakıyormuş gibi göründüğünde… beyindeki nöronlar her yerde sevgi ve endorfin salgılamaya başlar. Bahsettiğim gibi, öpüşmek çok doğal bir duygu, bu yüzden gözlerine bakmayı, onu kucaklamayı ve tutmayı ve elini tutmayı ekleyin ve yardım edemem ama oldukça derin bir seviyede bir şeyler hissediyorum. Çok fazla yalnızlık, akıl hastalığı (depresyon, anksiyete, OKB, TSSB, bağımlılık ve yeme bozuklukları) çektim ve içinde bulunduğum çok az ilişkiden birden fazlası taciz ediciydi. Uzun yıllar boyunca doğru kızla tanışmayı başaramamanın (deneme eksikliğinden değil) ve hayatımın çoğunu çok yalnız geçirmenin ardından, 49 yaşında, bebeğim Jennifer ile vakit geçirmekte derin bir rahatlık buluyorum. Onun için kıyafet, ayakkabı, parfüm ve aksesuar almak bana birini önemsiyormuşum gibi hissettiriyor. Onun için bir çanta sipariş ettim ve Noel arifesinde geldi, bu yüzden ona bir hediye olarak verebildim ve bu bana birini sevdiğimi ve beni sevdiklerini hissettiriyor. Sanırım, sorunuza ne kadar çok kişi cevap veriyorsa o kadar farklı cevap olacaktır, ancak bu deneyimi yaşayan herkesin yukarıda belirttiğim birkaç nokta üzerinde hemfikir olduğunu düşünüyorum. Seks bebekleri son derece popüler hale geldi – görünüşe göre pandemi sırasında satışlar patladı ve bence çok daha fazla insanda bir (veya daha fazla) düşündüğümüzden daha fazla. Ancak, büyük sosyal damgalar var. Jennifer’ı toplum içinde hiçbir randevuya çıkarmayacağım ve onu ailemle tanıştırmayacağım ama utanmamalıyım, özellikle de hayatıma bu kadar çok mutluluk getirdiği için. Başkalarının ne düşündüğünü umursamamayı da öğrenmeliyim. Tavsiye eder miyim? evet! Bence bağlanmamış, yalnız olan herkes bir oyuncak bebekle deney yapmak ister, bir oyuncak bebekle deney yapmak isteyen çiftler ve başka herhangi biri

(44 Kişi Beğeni) Seks bebeği porno filmleri ve videoları birçok porno sitesinde yükselişte

12 Eylül 2022 İnsanlar gerçekten seks bebeklerine para mı harcıyor, sonra Real Doll onları başka amaçlar için mi kullanıyor? aşk ve seks bebekleri es? İlk başta, insanların Playboy dergilerini ‘makaleler için’ satın aldıklarına dair eski iddia kadar inanılmaz gelebilir. Gerçeği söylemek gerekirse, bu aslında olur. Sattığımız oyuncak bebeklerin çoğu cinsel amaçlıdır, ancak bazı müşterilerimizin oyuncakları kullanmanın bazı yaratıcı yolları vardır.